Don’t risk finding a client website hacked – follow our checklist!

Attention All Website Owners !!

Back-up your website immediately!! There is a new hack risk where websites are becoming encrypted by hackers and the tell you that to get your website unlocked is to pay the ransom of 1 bit coin which equates to $420 USD Here is an example…

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Why Is my hacked website redirecting to ?

    Lately we have had a large surge of Websites to clean from infection that our redirecting a percentage of their visitors to . If your are in such a situation and have questions such as ‘Why is my hacked website redirecting to…

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What to do when your site gets blacklisted

THE FAST AND EASY SOLUTION THE HARD WAY I hope our recommended steps help you understand what to do when your site gets blacklisted .Here is some extra info about the warnings you will get a warning when visiting a blacklisted site (if you are…

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