Did you ask yourself what is WAF? WordPress, Joomla and the likes coupled with cheap hosting has enabled non-technical / normal / muggles to create fancy looking websites quickly and cheaply. The need for a custom website built from the ground up has diminished…and it seems everybody and his dog now has a website. Unfortunately most novice website owners are not taking website security seriously – or even know that it is needed! In the rush to get their pet-grooming or nail bar ‘on-line’, they haven’t given a second thought to hackers or the havoc they can wreak!

Data Breaches and website security

Just as you would install virus and malware protection for a PC, a web server also needs protecting. Web servers at the end of the day are just a computer serving webpages and are fallible by the same issues a PC or mac has. Unauthorized access, distributing of malware, viruses and of course ransomware. They can even be used as a drone in a bot-net to bring down other sites. Whilst a hacker putting some cute anime image on the home page with a message is one thing, ransomware and data breaches are a lot more sinister and can destroy a business and it’s reputation.
There is big money these days for criminals as they use ransomware and data breaches techniques
Big data equals Big money
In the age of Big Data, data is now worth BIG money. Massive Data breaches (where a hacker gets onto the website and downloads data, such as customer information) are becoming every day events. Some high profile data breaches such as the Ashley Madison resulted in the exposing of customer data that had used their site (to have an affair!) as the ransom wasn’t paid. Awkward.
The U.K. and other countries are now fining website owners/companies for these breaches with some of the fines are big numbers, e.g. £400,000 (TalkTalk). Visa and MasterCard have also in the past few years introduced some very high fines for any business that has had a payment related data breach. Website owners are now accountable for the data they hold. It’s not going away. If you hold any data relating to your users – you are at risk. It’s scary how easy it is for hackers to extract data from unprotected websites. Often the owners won’t realise until customers start calling enquiring why their data is on the internet. If the fine doesn’t destroy a business, the damage to your reputation most likely will.

What is a WAF anyway? Will it protect my website from hackers and data breaches?

A WAF or Web Application Firewall is a something that sits between the webserver and the users of the website. It’s a firewall, a barrier filtering out the bad requests and only letting the genuine traffic pass. Protecting a website with a WAF is actually really easy. It’s easier than protecting a PC – with the setup being done by the SharkGate team normally in a matter of minutes. Placing a website behind a firewall or WAF such as SharkGate not only blocks hackers and prevents data breaches – but also makes the website faster by some clever caching.
Our SharkGate product is a ‘pro-active’ firewall, we don’t just block hacking attempts. We also monitor and alert our technical team to unusual activity. If anything suspicious is found, our cybersecurity specialists immediately jump in to investigate. Our unique approach has prevented thousands of hackers attacking our customer websites and prevented numerous data-breaches. We deal with the bad stuff, whilst you, the site owner can get on with making your fortunes online.
What is WAF
Malware detection
Having setup many servers and websites ourselves, it still is beyond belief that within minutes of a brand new server being plugged into the datacentre – numerous ‘sniffs’ from hackers are detected. Often they are probing to find out which ports are open or what software is running on it so that hack attempts can be more targeted. Any machine plugged into the internet is not safe without protection.
As we have discussed in our previous blog entries, out of date wordpress installs or wordpress plugins are often the weak point. We know many site owners, just don’t have the time, money or experience to upgrade their websites or apply security patches as soon as they come out. This is where the SharkGate Fireall (WAF) can help. It will block the hackers attempts to utilise these known security issues or zero day exploits. Don’t get us wrong, we are not for one second saying ‘Do not upgrade’, we are simply saying that with SharkGate you can do the the necessary website upgrades at a time of their choosing, safe in the knowledge you are being protected!

wordpress website defaced ? Free virus scan for your website. Check if website is infected with viruses

FREE Virus Scan

Here at we have been fixing these types of compromised and defaced WordPress websites for over 4 years. We’ve actually become quite good at it. For any defaced WordPress site it typically takes us minutes to track down and identify any malicious code or suspect content. What is even more reassuring is that we are the fastest in the business fixing and cleaning a site within one hour, restoring a defaced wordpress website back to it’s former glory with very little fuss or bother. As we say to our WordPress customers, you deal with the content writing and let us deal with the hackers!
WordPress Website Defaced ? Have any concerns about your website or just want a FREE health check to ensure you are not one of the millions of hacked WordPress sites, then just contact us using our 24×7 chat or our cyber security team can do a full scan of your website via our FREE website infection / virus check . It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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While you can never completely let your guard down against the bad guys, you shouldn’t need to suffer constant anxiety either. And that’s why we’re here. We’re constantly working to fix sites, keep them secure, and help you get back to what you want to be doing – running your business. If you want to protect a website from hackers for the long-term, trust in SharkGate™ to keep you safe.

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