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OneHourSiteFix (and its founding company SharkGate™) is not your typical tech start-up. The Company was founded in 2013 by Security Experts that had spent over 20 years working in IT security for multinational brands including Nokia, Microsoft, Accenture, German Stock Exchange and numerous City banks. The ‘light bulb’ moment that started it all was the realisation that small businesses were becoming increasingly more targeted by hackers (and their bots) These cyber criminals were making considerable profits from businesses who were unaware of the very vulnerable position they were in, with no in-house security expertise to alert them to the dangers or protect them.

So, the idea was simple:
create an affordable, robust Cloud-based security platform called SharkGate that anyone with a website could turn on, to immediately protect themselves from hackers. Utilizing our combined experience and the best of our development and support resources from previous companies, we started to build the product and its global service team.

Unfortunately companies only realize they need protection after being hacked

Yet, the key thing we discovered along the way, is that the majority of small business owners don’t actually realize they need to protect themselves. In fact, the ones who were turning to our protection for help had already been hacked; thus OneHourSiteFix was born.

In some cases, the damage inflicted by hackers could be enough to put a business at risk of collapse. So the OneHourSiteFix team set out to make sure they were there as the Internet’s new Emergency Team to save businesses from going under due to a hacked website.

10 years on and thousands of websites protected

Over 10 years later, and with thousands of customers across four continents, SharkGate & OneHourSiteFix has grown rapidly, providing a super fast service for removing all Malware from a website and Cloud-based firewall that then keeps businesses safe from hackers 24/7.

Today, we are still expanding rapidly and are still on a mission to make every business safe from cybercrime. So if you are not already with us and want to check if your website is free from infection, why not obtain a free cyber security health check!

Our values

Simple, easy & friendly

The security industry is full of companies trying to blind customers with confusing jargon. We strive to always be the calm , friendly face that explains issues in a way any business owner can understand.

Do the right things

As simple as that. Our values state we always try to help your business. We are here to be the Good Guys. In the words of Google ‘Don’t Be Evil’ or their new motto ‘Do The Right Thing’

Incredible support

Having your website hacked is a very stressful time. The last thing you need is having to deal with a hosting company suspending your site and their support being unresponsive and unhelpful. We strive to be the opposite. We aim to be there for you 24/7 and reply to any request with lightening speed. No question or issue is too much trouble for us

Keep you safe

We aim to get a website cleaned from malware as fast as possible. But hackers love to return FAST! Our primary aim is to do everything in our powers to keep you site clean and protected

Our clients trust us

Excellent 4.8

 out of 5

The fastest malware removal service
guaranteed hacked website repair

JohannaSuperb Customer Service
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Superb customer service. I had two websites severely compromised with malware. All throughout the process communication was clear and concise, I knew what to expect and what to do. All my questions along the way were resolved. I recommend OneHourFix to get your websites back and running.

18th Oct 2023

Steven Blisko
Steven BliskoCould not be more pleased
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They did a fantastic job. Our site was hacked and another company could not resolve it. They fixed it in very little time. We particularly appreciated their professionalism in terms of time frame and communication. Kept us informed throughout. They are now our go to.

23rd Aug 2023

Craig C. Shelton
Craig C. SheltonThis is a first rate company you can trust
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This is a first rate company you can trust. They saved the thousands of hours I personally invested into one of my websites.

Bravo team!

7th Aug 2023

Charlie Farrow
Charlie FarrowOne of my sites was hacked and...
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One of my sites was hacked and redirecting, OneHourSiteFix (SharkGate) has fixed it comparatively inexpensively while I have been waiting for SiteLock to return my call! I have SharkGate set up going forwards. Now putting CloudFlare and SharkGate on all our sites. I am a happy bunny.

4th July 2023

SilviaTop Service Reliable and Quick
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They cleaned up my site in very little time and kept me informed at every step,I felt in very good hands, from the first contact with the customer service to the rapid fix service with the techs. All the staff is great, reliable, and they patiently answered all my questions. I would absolutely recommend them!

30th June 2023

Kenzo Handa
Kenzo HandaGreat Service
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They are the BEST! Great service, very reliable and quickly responds. They resolved my many issues on my website, always kept me informed, and got my website up and running again in a timely manner as well as helping me with blacklist issues. I would not hesitate to recommend them and use them again if needed. My complements to this company and their staff…they are great!

14th June 2023


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