Free malware scan. Here's what's included

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External Malware Scan

Before delving into the intricacies of your website, our security team carries out an initial surface-level analysis. This External Malware Scan is a non-intrusive method, which assesses the site from the outside, just as any visitor would experience it. It’s a crucial first step in our 2-stage malware detection process.

We employ advanced technology to navigate through your website, inspecting each page for visible signs of malicious software. Any suspicious or abnormal behavior is noted, such as unexpected pop-ups, redirects, or altered site performance. These could be indicative of a potential malware infection. Our External Scan not only inspects for malware but also identifies potential vulnerabilities that might be exploited by cyber threats in the future.

For customers desiring a more comprehensive analysis, we offer the Deep File Scan. After obtaining file access, we unleash the power of our custom-built malware scanner, fortified by over a decade of learning from thousands of hacked websites. This comprehensive scan meticulously sifts through the entire structure of your site, analyzing code, files, and databases for any signs of malware.


Our scanner is equipped with a continuously evolving database of known malware signatures and behaviors. It is designed to catch even the stealthiest of malware strains, including those that might evade typical detection methods. From the simplest of malicious scripts to the most complex, hidden threats, our Deep File Scan leaves no stone unturned.

Deep File Scan with Custom -Built Malware Scanner

Manual Review & Pinpointing Issues

The results from our Deep File Scan are then thoroughly analyzed by our seasoned security experts. This manual review ensures the accuracy of the scan results, eliminating the possibility of false positives, and helps in pinpointing the exact issues.


Our experts carefully evaluate each potential threat, understanding its potential impact, and formulate appropriate response strategies. This careful consideration ensures that any identified – Technical Information Page 1.0 Confidential Page1 of 4 malware is not just found, but is properly addressed and removed without impacting the functionality of your website


At every step of the process, our focus remains on ensuring the security and integrity of your site. We blend the power of advanced technology with the expertise of our seasoned professionals to provide the most comprehensive and reliable malware detection service.

The Fastest Malware Removal Service Guaranteed Hacked Website Repair

Rapid Fix - What's Included...

Securing File and Database Access

The first step in our malware removal process is to obtain secure access to your website's files and databases. Your security and trust are paramount to us, so our team will guide you through each step of this process, ensuring you understand how to provide us with the necessary access without compromising your security.

Manual Malware Removal

While automated tools can be useful, they often miss intricate, hidden threats and can unintentionally disrupt the functionality of your website. To avoid these pitfalls, we rely on manual malware removal. Our experts painstakingly work file by file, row by row within the database, removing all traces of malware while preserving your website's operational integrity. Before any changes are made, we ensure that all relevant files and data are backed up. This approach not only ensures malware removal but also provides a safety net for your website's valuable information.

Deep File and Database Scan

Armed with access to your website's backbone, our security experts leverage the power of our custom-built scanner to conduct an exhaustive scan of your files and databases. Built upon over a decade's worth of data from thousands of previously compromised websites, our scanner leaves no corner unexplored. It highlights all potential threats and points of infection, guiding our team towards areas requiring attention.

Expert Security Team

Our team is composed of some of the industry's top talent, including senior members with over a decade of experience in website security and malware removal. Their expertise and proficiency are unmatched, making them your best defense against cyber threats.

Fast and Efficient Cleanup

Despite the manual nature of our process, we understand the importance of time in maintaining your online presence. To ensure we can clean a site within an hour, our team employs a suite of custom-built tools to aid and guide their work. These tools increase efficiency without compromising the thoroughness of our cleaning process. In a world where cyber threats are ever-evolving, our comprehensive, careful, and swift malware removal service provides the reliability and peace of mind you need to safeguard your online assets.

Your Website's Gatekeeper:
The SharkGate™ Firewall

Imagine your website as a nightclub and our SharkGate™ firewall as its diligent doorman. This doorman is amiable to all legitimate clubbers, allowing them instant access. However, for those intent on causing mayhem, the doorman firmly but politely turns them away. This is how our SharkGate™ firewall functions — it ensures all legitimate visitors can freely access your website, while effectively blocking any hackers.

Rapid Fix + Protect - Implementing SharkGate™ Protection

After your website has been thoroughly cleaned, the next essential step is to fortify it with our exclusive SharkGate™ Protection. Experience tells us that once a website has been hacked, it’s more likely to be targeted again. To prevent these reoccurrences and safeguard all our hard work, we highly recommend adding our custom-built SharkGate™ firewall to your website.

Protection Dashboard

Proud of our cloud-based SharkGate™ firewall, we’ve built an easy-to-understand dashboard allowing you to watch your hacker protection in action, in real-time. You can log in 24×7 to view data on what SharkGate™ is doing to continuously protect your website.

The SharkGate™ dashboard displays all the attacks SharkGate™ has thwarted, and the countries those attacks originated from. It also provides handy information, like visitor numbers by day by country. Additionally, the dashboard integrates with SharkGate’s A.I security engine, offering simple-to-use features and recommendations to bolster your website security, which you can auto-apply with a single click.

SharkGate Is Exclusive to

Unlike other services that claim to offer ongoing protection but simply monitor and alert you if your site has been hacked again, SharkGate™ actively prevents hackers from breaching your website. This exclusive service is only available through, a proud subsidiary of SharkGate limited. We strongly believe in proactively protecting your website, rather than dealing with the aftermath of another hack.

5 Minute Setup For Protection

Adding SharkGate™ protection to your website is straightforward. It requires a simple modification to your website’s nameservers. Our friendly engineers can handle the entire process for you while they are fixing your website, or they can guide you through the process step-by-step. The change typically takes less than 5 minutes, and we promise to keep our instructions clear and jargon-free, unless you prefer otherwise!
With SharkGate™ protection, you can confidently run your website, knowing it’s secured from the recurring threat of hackers.