Perform a complimentary check to see if your website has been hacked.

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Real security experts check your site

Our security experts outperform automated scanners, easily uncovering website hacks that often go unnoticed by other malware teams.

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Our experts check up to 500 sites per day. So book fast to avoid delay.

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leading security experts

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Our bespoke website scanning service has been developed continually over the last few years and tested on thousands of sites. It has now reached such a high standard that it is used by some of the best sites out there. Plus it is 100% free! No strings attached! No Hidden Costs! No Lock In!

A security expert for each check

The simple fact is that online scanners never find 100% of hacks on a website. They often incorrectly state your site is clean even though your hosting company is shutting you down for being hacked and your site is stealing credit cards and sending thousands of spam emails! We will assign you one of our leading security experts to scan and check your site, if your site is hacked they will find the nasty infections!

It's as simple as 1-2-3

Safeguard your online presence and shield your valuable data from malicious hackers. Don’t leave your website’s security to chance. Take control and let our experienced team perform a thorough scan of your site, ensuring every nook and cranny is inspected for potential vulnerabilities.

Submit your request

First submit your request to us to scan your site. Our team will verify you are the owner of this site and if so we are good to start.

We check your website

A dedicated expert will perform a full scan of your site to check for malicious content. We will keep you fully updated throughout the whole process.

We provide the results

If your site is hacked we will inform you of the issues and let you know how to quickly solve the problem.