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Every minute your site is hacked your business is losing customers and reputation. Worried how long it will take to clean this up ? Time is at a premium so get immediate help from the fastest website malware removal company – Accept no imitations!!

When our company was formed over four years ago we immediately understood that when your site is hacked you want it cleaned fast with guaranteed protection from future attacks so you can get back to business – fast. We have been cleaning websites 24/7 ever since, fine tuning our process so we can ensure we are by far still the best way to get your website cleaned, protected and back on-line with no hidden costs.

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We support and protect all websites built on any platform, including the following..

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We Find The Website Malware And Infections That Other Companies Miss

When we clean a website from malware we assign a team of at least 3 dedicated cybersecurity experts per site. This layering of resources is how we can be so fast and ensures EVERY infection is removed PLUS your site remains open for business throughout the whole process.

Hosting companies and other malware removal services often rely too heavily on ‘off the shelf’ automated scanning tools. These only tend to find about 30% of the nasties on a website. When only the more visible parts of a hack are removed from a site (leaving the hidden 70% of infections and backdoors) you will find your site fully hacked again quicker than you can say ‘OneHourSiteFix’. Even worse – some of those automated tools often damage and break the website they are fixing.

At OneHourSiteFix we have been developing our scanning tools over five years – continually adjusting and refining our product to get the best possible results for our customers. Working hand in hand with these tools, allows our security experts to ensure every element of your site is scanned and cleaned. This layered approach of experts working together with advanced AI tools to check your site ensures we don’t just throw the hackers off a site – we slam the door on them as well.

We aim to be there for you 24/7 and reply to any request with lightning speed. No question or issue is too much trouble for us


website hacked what to do trust us to help

Incredible support – dedicated support and technical team available 24/7/365

OneHourSiteFix was founded with a core value of ‘Unparalleled Support’ (see our core values here). Having your website hacked is a very stressful time for your business and for you – our team completely appreciate this – doing everything in their power to support you. No issue or question is too much trouble. We also serve customers in all 4 continents so our security experts are available around-the-clock (24/7/365) to give you the help and advice you need, when you need it.


Our service ensures that once your site is clean, it stays clean


We protect your site from being hacked again

Once we have cleaned your site we then add to your site our bespoke Cloud-based protection – SharkGate™ – this is your own dedicated website gatekeeper preventing hackers accessing your website.
Imagine if your website was a nightclub, then SharkGate™ would be your friendly but firm doorman welcoming all those customers you want to let in and politely turning away those intent on causing mayhem – the sharks as we call them.
Our SharkGate™ protection ensures that all legitimate visitors to your website gain instant access, whilst hackers are blocked and stopped from sabotaging your business. Read more about our protection here
We add our protection via a simple DNS change so your website stays with your current hosting company and there is no additional software to install on your website.

Unlike Our Competitors We Really Have No Hidden Fees!


We Cover It All In One Package


At OneHourSiteFix we ensure that the cost you see on this page is the price you pay with no hidden charges. Our prices are fully inclusive of all tax and any applicable VAT. We have no hidden limit to how many pages we will clean on a site and no extra charges for getting your site unsuspended, etc. Here are a few types of infections we remove as part of our service:


  Malware Injections


  Defacements, Backdoors


  This site may be hacked, This site may harm your computer messages


  Pharma Hacks, SEO Spam Injections


  Phishing Files, Malicious Redirects