VIP Features and a Dedicated Account Manager

to ensure we exactly fit your business needs


Always customising our service to perfectly meet your site’s security needs


Our standard support is amazing but premium customers always jump to the front of any queue. You always come first


World-class security experts personally check the protection of your site each and every day


Your sites are protected by our most massive premium servers! Stopping even large scale attacks from causing your site any disruption

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated account manager is assigned to your account. There job is to know your circumstances and understand your exact business security requirements.

OneHourSiteFix’s dedicated account managers are product and security experts that will work with you to ensure our products and services are customised to perfectly meet your business’s security and operational goals.



Our security experts are available round-the-clock to give you the support you need, when you need it. Contact us for any issues or questions that might arise.

As a premium client your requests always go to the front of any queue. You have the VIP pass that means your requests are ALWAYS before anyone else.

Daily Manual Security Review

To compliment our continuous 24/7 firewall (SharkGate) protection of your site we assign World-class security experts to check the attacks on your site each day. They then perform continual improvements and policy tuning. This means every day the protection of your site grows stronger

Assigning experts to check your site each and every day is a large expense for us but your site is worth it!

Seeing hackers attacks live in action


Protection Against Brute Force Attacks

Even when hackers cannot break into a site they can still cause mass disruption to your business by overloading your site and stopping it loading for any visitors

For premium accounts we ensure our servers soak up these large scale attacks and so keep your site and business running. Our high powered servers take the pain for you and allow your site to keep working for it’s real visitors.


Your dedicated account manager will work with our security teams to ensure that all our standard features are fine tuned for your sites. They will customise them so each one perfectly matches your sites and business needs

Enterprise Security For Your Website

For your business reputation, you need to be confident that the site is secure from Cyber Attacks. Our Cloud-Based Enterprise Firewall called SharkGate provides security protection against all of these types of cyber threats and more to keep your website safe.

We provide ongoing 24/7 protection so you can focus on your business whilst our security experts and team keep your site secure. With no software or hardware to install and just a 5-minute setup to activate for your business website

protecting website from cyberattacks

Activate in 5 minutes

No hardware or software to install. No changes needed to your website. Just takes a simple 5 minutes DNS change to ensure all traffic to your site is routed through and protected by our firewall

Protection 24/7/365

The Hacker and their hacker bots never sleep. So your protection needs to be constantly on. SharkGate protection is constantly protecting your site aided by our fanatical round the cloud security experts.

Vulnerability Patching

As the news stories break about new vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed, ShellShock, POODLE, etc you can relax as by the time the story hits the news all our of protected sites would of already been protected.

The Top 10 Threats

Stops malicious users from compromising your website with attacks such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), plus the Top 10 most critical vulnerabilities on websites (OWASP Top 10).


A Faster and more Google Friendly Website

As your websites traffic passes through our firewall we turbo charge it so that visitors of your website get the fastest page load times. We also optimise your website depending on the device a visitor is surfing from.

Without you having to make any changes to your website your mobile and tablets visitors get a huge speed boost when surfing your site. A faster site makes visitors happy but it also improves your websites search ranking with Google and other search engines

Asynchronous resource loading

Automatically adjusts your content to use asynchronous loading on your pages so they can render super fast. Loads resources as and when needed so users see your pages faster

Device/Browser optimisation

Our Device / Browser optimisation automatically detects the visitors browser and improves the performance of page delivered specifically for that user’s device.

Minification & Compression

Our SharkGate firewall removes all unnecessary characters from pages. Ensures optimal compression and aggregating of content to make your site super snappy for its visitors.

Latest Best Practices

Our SharkGate firewall improves your websites page latency and bandwidth usage by changing the resources on each page to implement web performance best practices.

Protection From Malicious Bots

Our SharkGate Cloud Based Firewall provides protection for your site from malicious and Spam bots. Over 90% of all cyber attacks are carried out by automated bots. Using a number of bot identification techniques SharkGate stops any bad bot traffic reaching your. So protecting your site from scraping, comment spam, vulnerability scans and attacks.

blocking malicious bots and spam from a website

Good & Bad Bots

Not all Bot traffic is malicious. SharkGate blocks the bad bots but lets the good bots such as Google, Bing and Pingdom in

Comment Spam Reduction

The bot protection engines means that spam comments on your site are vastly reduced. Often we find it is completely stopped altogether.

Block Site Scraping

Scraping content from your site might not a direct attack but it is still stealing your original content. We protect and help prevent this on your site

Reducing Site Load

With the bad bots blocked, this alleviates a vast amount of traffic from your site. So leaving more resources on your server to deal with your real visitors.