SharkGate technology protect sites from malware


Easy, safe protection from CyberAttacks

Once fixed, SharkGate ™ technology stops

your site getting hacked again. JOB DONE.


How can SharkGate™ protect my website from getting hacked again ?

SharkGate - Website Security - Protect your website from hackers

SharkGate™ is your website gate keeper preventing hackers accessing your website. Imagine if your website was a nightclub, then SharkGate™ would be your friendly but firm doorman. He would welcome all those clubbers you want to let in and politely turn away those intent on causing mayhem – the sharks as we call them.

SharkGate™ ensures that all legitimate visitors to your website gain instant access, but the hackers are blocked and stopped from sabotaging your business.

How can I see if SharkGate™ is really working to protect my website?

We are proud of SharkGate™ and what it does, so we have built a dashboard to let all our customers see it live in action protecting their websites. The SharkGate™ dashboard is really easy to understand and you can login 24.7 to see real time data on what SharkGate is doing to continuously protect your website.

The SharkGate™ dashboard shows you all the attacks on your website that SharkGate™ has blocked and which countries those attacks have come from. Be warned though, our customers tell us that looking at the dashboard can become addictive because it also includes other handy stuff such as visitor numbers by day by country.

The dashboard even has simple to use features that allow you to choose who you want to allow to visit your site. So if you are not interested in receiving visitors from North Korea with one click you can simple block all traffic from that country. Simple and easy protection – check the manual here.


If my website is fixed by OneHourSiteFix why do I need SharkGate™ protection as well?


We loved fixing hacked websites, but we hate seeing them get hacked again.

When we fix a website we repair all the damage done and make sure everything is nice and tidy again – a bit like clearing up the mess after a huge fight in a nightclub.

Without SharkGate™ we can’t guarantee the hackers will not get future access and that’s why we like to place SharkGate™ on the door. In fact our experience tells us that once your website has been hacked you are much more likely to be hacked again, even after the original hack has been fixed. Hackers it would seem like to return to the scene of their crimes and tell others that you are vulnerable.

Do other hack fix sites offer the SharkGate™ protection service as well?

No. SharkGate™ is exclusive to In fact, is owned by SharkGate limited. It is true that there are other sites which provide a good hack fix service for websites and also claim they offer ongoing protection. Usually they do no such thing and simply monitor your website to see if it has been hacked again and let you know when it has. We’re sure you will agree its much better to stop hackers in the first place with SharkGate™, rather than just promising to let you know when you have been the victim of another hack and go through all the hassle of getting it fixed again. We believe in doing the right thing for our customers.


How easy is it to add SharkGate™ protection to a website?

It’s really easy. It involves a simple change to what is called your website’s DNS settings. When our friendly engineers are fixing your website hack they will take you step by step through the process. It normally takes less than 5 minutes to do and they promise not to talk techie, unless you want to!)

Do I need to change my hosting company to take advantage of SharkGate™ protection?

Short answer, no.

Do I need to buy any new hardware or software to take advantage of SharkGate™ protection?

Another short answer, no.

Will my site be taken down while SharkGate™ protection is being added?

This is getting repetitive. No.

Will adding SharkGate™ protection to my site slow down its performance?

No! Odd as it sounds our protection can actually speed up your website performance by as much as 40%. This is because we use something called a CDN network and as your site goes through SharkGate we give it a turbo boost. We will get one of our techies to write up some really in-depth details about the protection and post up here later for those that are interested in finding out more.


Can you guarantee that my site will never be hacked again once it is using SharkGate™ protection?


We can never say never but we know we are good at this sort of thing so we are happy to guarantee you that in the unlikely event the hackers do get through we will fix your site for free.

Plus if there is any issue our 24/7 security expert team will have been alerted and already be hard at work tracking down how the hackers slipped past the nets. They will already be rolling out vulnerability fixes to ensure every site behind SharkGate™ protection is fully protected from such future attacks. So each site behind SharkGate™ actually gains from our growing knowledge and tracking of Worldwide cyber attacks. We really are stopping the hackers in their tracks.