Protect websites from hackers

How To Protect Websites From Hackers

WannaCry, the attack that took NHS data for ransom, has been the big headline of late – but even now, you can be sure that another assault is being brewed up somewhere. When bigger and badder attacks are often just around the corner, is it ever really possible to completely protect a website from hackers? And when the bad guys never give up, do the good guys stand a chance? – Read on for our advice on 'How to Protect websites from hackers'

Hacks are becoming ever more sophisticated, and running a business can feel like you're constantly on the back foot. But don't despair – it is possible to stay confident in your system security in the face of such attacks. If you're looking to protect a website from hackers, here's what you can do in the short, medium and long term.

The Short Term : Act Now

Part 1: How To Protect Websites From Hackers


First, make sure your websites have not already been hacked. Check your site(s) for unusual content or unexpected code cropping up on webpages. Look out for unlikely spikes in traffic that may suggest that hackers are pushing users to your web domain for their own nefarious purposes. Sudden drops in traffic should also ring alarm bells and may indicate that your website has been blacklisted by search engines.

If you're in any doubt whatsoever that you've managed to protect a website from hackers, find out for free here. If we discover a breach, we will have you back on track within an hour. We're often fixing up to 500 sites in a day, so get in touch ASAP. Sooner really is better to save yourself from both financial and reputational damage.

The Medium-Term : Plan ahead

Part 2: How To Protect Websites From Hackers

A few baseline measures can help you protect a website from hackers. First, update your hosting servers OS and websites software to the latest versions. Criminals often find entry-points into systems through vulnerabilities within old systems. For example the major packages used to make websites such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Opencart,etc are continually releasing emergency security upgrades. If you have not updated your CMS in that last month then it is very likely your site has major vulnerabilities. So you don’t end up infecting your own site when uploading files you might also like to remove Adobe Flash and Java, as both are considered susceptible to attacks. Protect your business Wi-Fi with an encrypted password, and put an up-to-date firewall in place on your systems. Make sure your server has regular offsite back-ups being made. So many website owners have backups made and stored on the same server as their website. Not realising that that means the hackers will like infect their backups to.

Do some research into the different tools you can use to protect a website from hackers. Our own – website firewall called SharkGate™ is proven, and perfectly-designed for small to medium sized businesses. You can learn why many people believe we're the best in the business by reading our five-star customer reviews here. We also offer special pricing for companies that host websites, such as digital marketing agencies. For web design companies we can offer special packages to keep all the sites on each of their servers safe.

The Long-Term : Stay informed

Part 3: How To Protect Websites From Hackers

While our website firewall SharkGate™ is the best way to protect a website from hackers, you should complement it with robust measures offline.

Draft an incident response plan. Should the worst ever happen, a strong plan of action for your website users and IT team to follow will help you effectively respond to a breach.

Educate your staff. Hackers only need to bypass a single person's security measures to bring down a whole company. With so much personal data on the web, lawbreakers can easily build a profile of a person and target them – for instance with an email containing malicious code. Inform staff about your security policies and best practice. They should be using two-step authentication for their accounts, and creating non-guessable passwords – a different one for each online account they have.

Given the ever-evolving nature of hacks, it also pays to stay informed. Keep up to date with the latest security news, and advice on how to protect a website from hackers, by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Contact the good guys

While you can never completely let your guard down against the bad guys, you shouldn't need to suffer constant anxiety either. And that's why we're here. We're constantly working to fix sites, keep them secure, and help you get back to what you want to be doing – running your business. If you want to protect a website from hackers for the long-term, trust in SharkGate™ to keep you safe.

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