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OneHourSiteFix (and its founding company SharkGate) is not your typical tech start-up. Founded in 2014 by Security Experts that had spent over 20 years working in IT security for multinational brands including Nokia, Microsoft, Accenture, German Stock Exchange and numerous City banks. The ‘light bulb’ moment that started it all was realisation that small businesses were becoming increasing targeted by hackers (well their bots) who could make large money from these sites and yet these companies often had no in-house security expertise to deal with them.
So, the idea was simple; create an affordable, robust Cloud-based security platform called SharkGate that anyone with a website could turn on to immediately protect themselves from hackers. Utilising our combined experience and the best of our development and support resources from previous companies, we started to build the product and its global service team.

Unfortunately companies only realise they need protection after being hacked

Yet, the key thing we discovered along the way, is that the majority of small business owners don’t actually realise they need to protect themselves. In fact, the ones who were turning to our protection for help had already been hacked; thus OneHourSiteFix was born. In some cases, the damage inflicted by hackers could be enough to put a business at risk of going under. So the OneHourSiteFix team set out to make sure they were there as the new Internet’s Emergency Team to save businesses from going under because of a hacked website.

4 years on and thousands of websites helped

Over four years later, and with thousands of customers across four continents, SharkGate & OneHourSiteFix has grown rapidly, providing a super fast service for removing all Malware from a website and Cloud based firewall that then keeps businesses safe from hackers 24/7.

Today, we are still expanding rapidly and are still on a mission to make every business safe from cybercrime. So if you are not already with us and want to check if your website is free from infection, why not obtain a free cyber security health check here.



The security industry is full of companies trying to blind customers with confusing jargon. We strive to always be the calm , friendly face that explains issues in a way any business owner can understand.


Having your website hacked is a very stressful time. The last thing you need is having to deal with a hosting company suspending your site and their support being unresponsive and unhelpful. We strive to be the opposite. We aim to be there for you 24/7 and reply to any request with lightening speed. No question or issue is too much trouble for us


As simple as that. Our values state we always try to help your business. We are here to be the Good Guys. In the words of Google 'Don't Be Evil' or their new motto 'Do The Right Thing'


We aim to get a website cleaned from malware as fast as possible. But hackers love to return FAST! Our primary aim is to do everything in our powers to keep you site clean and protected


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Our principles

We will not rent, sell or barter your personal data to other companies.
We are committed to managing your personal information in accordance with current legislation and best practice.
Our aim is to be responsible, accurate, relevant and secure when using your data.
Whenever you provide personal information we will treat that information in accordance with this Privacy Notice.
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How we use your data

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This will include SharkGate sending you information about our products and services that will be relevant to you, by email, telephone or mail. All of the above are subject to your stated preferences.

How we protect your data

SharkGate Limited security policies, rules and technical measures have been implemented to protect your personal information from unauthorised or improper use and from accidental loss.
Your data is held on secure servers that comply absolutely with the protection offered to you under the UK Data Protection Act 1998.
We may use third party suppliers to provide part of our service to you. In some circumstances these providers may be based in countries outside the European Economic Area whose laws provide for a different standard of protection for your personal information than that provided under UK Law. In such circumstances we will have in place strict contractual arrangements that will require your information is processed securely, at least to a standard equivalent to the UK Data Protection Act 1998.
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How you can change the data we have for you

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How to find out what data we have for you

If you wish, you can obtain a copy of any personal information we have about you by sending your request to The Data Controller, SharkGate Limited, 30 City Road, Shoreditch, London, EC1Y 2AB.
We will provide you, at no charge, with a hard copy of the personal data that we keep about you within 30 days, although we will require proof of your identity.
If you consider that the information we hold about you is incorrect, you may where appropriate, have the data erased, amended or updated.

How you can make a complaint

If you have a complaint, concern or simple enquiry about our Privacy Notice please contact our Data Protection Manager at SharkGate Limited, 30 City Road, Shoreditch, London, EC1Y 2AB or by email to [email protected]
Complaints will be dealt with by the Data Protection Manager, and will be responded to within 30 days at the very latest.
If you are not satisfied with our response you may wish to contact the Information Commissioner via their website (

Other important stuff

Under the UK Data Protection Act 1998 we have to say who the ‘data controller’ is for The data controller is the organisation responsible for protecting your information and, in our case, is SharkGate Limited, 30 City Road, Shoreditch, London, EC1Y 2AB.
If we decide to change our Privacy Notice we will post these changes on this page so that you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it and in what circumstances we disclose it. If my make a major change to the Privacy Notice we will email you to inform you of the changes.
In the event of any part of SharkGate Ltd either being sold or going into receivership you will be informed of the change of ownership and the new owner will manage your personal information preferences.
Date of last update to this Privacy and Cookie Policy: Jan 2017

Our terms and conditions (The Deal)

The Deal is a trading name of SharkGate Limited whose registered address is 30 City Road, Shoreditch, London, EC1Y 2AB with company registration number 09362914.
We are old and wise enough to know we can’t predict the future and that we are not perfect. We will do our very best, and our customers tell us that is really pretty good, but we can not guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong or that we will never make a mistake or that a hacker somewhere in the world one day gets the better of us – temporarily. What we will guarantee is that we will work extremely hard to provide you with the very best possible service to make the internet a safer place to do business for you and all our customers.
This is the deal you are agreeing to when you sign up to use our SharkGate services:
  1. We promise you that we will do our very best to protect and secure your website. If that proves not to be good enough and your website is hacked or goes down we will fix it for free.
  2. You agree not to sue us and hire hotshot lawyers against us if our very best efforts prove not to be good enough and the hackers get the better of us or we make a human mistake.

The payment and contract stuff

If you have signed up to SharkGate as part of our www.onehoursitefix service you have signed up to a minimum 6 month contract. This means that you agree to make 6 monthly payments as a minimum. That’s the deal. Obviously we hope that you love our service and carry on after the first 6 months.
If you do decide that OneHourSiteFix/SharkGate is not for you after the minimum term agreed then mail us at [email protected] to let us know or go to your payment console and click on cancel. We wil cancel all payments once your minimum term payments is reached. We don’t believe in making it almost impossible to cancel if you are unhappy with what we do. We believe in keeping you happy so you don’t want to cancel in the first place.
If one of your monthly payments fails because there is no money in your account or for any other reason we won’t cancel your service without first telling you and giving you two weeks to get your account in order.
If we decide to increase our prices we will tell you at least 30 days in advance giving you plenty of time to decide if you wish to accept the new price or not.
Our service is designed for small to medium sized businesses which is why our prices are so competitive. If your website attracts a huge amount of traffic we may decline to accept you as a customer. If this is the case we will contact you immediately and offer you a choice of our Enterprise Level service or an immediate refund of any money that we own you with no quibble and no ‘administrative’ charges.
We reserve the right to stop providing our service to you for any reason and at any time. We need to reserve this right to mainly to protect ourselves from customers who might be tempted to publish illegal content on websites protected by SharkGate. If we do have to do this we will of course refund any money that we own you with no quibble.
Date of last update to this Terms Of Service: Jan 2016