Create Automated Backups For Your Site To A Safe Cloud Location


It’s super super super super super important to configure automatic backups for website. Did you get that? It’s important.


If you don’t have regular backups, how would your business recover if your website was hacked and major parts of it were corrupted or deleted ? Or if by mistake you deleted key site content ? Well likely your business would lose it’s online store, and you would have to create it all again, likely from scratch. But with automated backups, you can then easily restore your site and get rid of any problems.


Your hosting provider probably tells you they back up your account on a regular basis.. But what they are not so quick to tell you, is that their backups aren’t guaranteed. Check their small print and you will find a clause to mention you cannot rely on their backups.


To solve this problem, we provide a premium service were will setup an automated backup solution for your site. We will create an automated process that will take a weekly backup of your whole site (files & database) and store it in a safe location.


So if you don’t have a backup solution already in place, please don’t delay and order this service immediately to ensure an extra safety net for your business.

Our team will ensure that  both the website files and website database are backed up automatically on a regular schedule to an external server that is not in the same location as your website. Note this is absolutely essential that your backups are not stored on the same server as your website, otherwise you run the risk of a malicious actor or some server issue causing you to lose your site and backups at the same time!


To setup the automated backups for your site, our experts will perform the following steps…


  • Verify where the files and database are located for a site and that we have access. Our team will verify that exact database your site is using (you will be surprised how often site owner’s backup the wrong database)
  • Install an appropriate backup plugin for your website type (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, etc)
  • Configure the plugin to take weekly backups and to store the compressed backups in a separate offsite cloud location (Cloud storage such as Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox).
  • Run an initial backup to verify the process runs correctly and the files are stored off site.
  • Our experts will uncompress the backups taken to verify they are not corrupted and will double check they are a working full copy of your site.
  • Finally we will provide a full report of the setup performed for your records.