Fully update your WordPress website & its plugins to the latest versions


It is essential for the security of your website, that it is using the latest version of Wordpress and all of the installed Wordpress plugins are also fully up to date. Website owners not getting their site updated is on the top reasons business websites get hacked.


Sometimes such updates can just be a matter of a few clicks, but it is key to note that performing these updates also runs the risk of completely breaking your site.


For this reason we offer a service to safely upgrade your Wordpress version and all the installed plugins using our trusted professionals. Having our Wordpress experts perform the upgrades gives you the peace of mind that we will ensure your website keeps running perfectly throughout and after the upgrade process.


For full details or our plugin update service please read our full service description below.

To ensure your website is safely upgraded and your site keeps working throughout the process, our experts perform the following steps…


  • Take a full backup copy of the website’s files before any upgrades.
  • Take a full backup copy of the website’s database before any upgrades.
  • Update the WordPress version of your site to the latest and greatest.
  • Update each installed plugin one by one, performing a quick sanity test after each update to ensure the website still works correctly.
  • If any issues occur due to the upgrade, our team will use the previously taken backups to ensure we get your site running correctly again.
  • Finally we will provide a full report of the updates performed for your records.